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Why are there packages if the process is fully custom?

The packages are meant to give you a guide as to the quality that you can expect with each level. You can deviate from these packages in terms of pricing and design style.  They are simply a source of inspiration and guidance and provide examples of what is available at a given price.

What exactly is the purpose of the image gallery?

Browsing the local supply store trying to create your ideal kitchen or bathroom can be confusing and time consuming.  Most people know what they like when they see it. The  image gallery we use can provide you with a starting point. We will guide you through the process of creating an “idea book”, and from there we will do the work of selecting the quality materials to create your home.

What if there are certain items I don’t like?

We will review our selections with you and make changes to any and all items that you request.  We will not  move forward with construction until you are 100% satisfied with your custom design.

What type of issues come up during the walk through?

Whether you are building a house from scratch or re-developing a city home, issues may arise after some time.  This is common for all large scale construction projects.  We will do our best to fix any issues that surface over the next 12 months.

How does the bespoke home process work?

a) We will work directly with you to identify and purchase your dream home.

b) Once we’ve pinpointed your ideal property, we’ll agree on the details of the project and PRG will purchase the property. Alternatively, you can select from one of our existing ready to finish properties already in inventory.

c) We’ll work with you to design and build the custom home of your dreams with an innovative approach that simplifies a process that people often find overwhelming. In short, we make custom home re-building easy for you!

How much does the custom process cost?

There is no extra cost.  While you are required to put down some earnest money, the same as you would for a new home construction, the final cost of your home will be no more than if you bought a finished product from us.

How much earnest money is required?

If you choose a fully bespoke approach, earnest money down will depend on the individual property, the quality level of renovation you choose, and the total cost of your home development.  We will be happy to discuss the details with you.

Who buys the property?

Pinnacle Redevelopment buys the property and completes the work. This eliminates the need for a construction loan and allows you to purchase your home simply via conventional financing methods.

What if the property doesn’t appraise?

We allow the buyer to take our plans and the project to an appraiser of their choice. This allows for third party reassurance that the project will appraise upon completion. Keep in mind that  there is always an appraisal risk with the purchase of any home.

Can I pick out any home for redevelopment?

Yes you can.  That’s one of the greatest advantages of working with us. There are many variables that determine the workability of renovating a particular property including the appraisal value of neighboring properties. We have experience and expertise in this area, and we will work with you to determine if the home of your choice is a feasible option.

Do you use licensed architects, contractors, and subcontractors?

We work exclusively with one licensed primary general contractor. Even if other contractors are on the job, our primary GC will oversee the project to ensure all of the work completed on your home meets our high standards. We also work with architects and designers throughout the process to ensure a professional result for you.  Needless to say, all of our work is done in compliance with city permit and inspection requirements.

Will you remodel a home?

We are not a remodeling company; however, we are happy to recommend you to our general contractor who also does home remodeling. Alternatively, for larger projects, we are happy to buy your home from you, remodel the property in the same manner we would any other home, and sell it back to you. Doing so allows for you to complete large scale remodeling projects without the need for a construction loan. At the end of the process, you buy the home back from us through conventional financing methods. Contact us for a more detailed explanation of this process.

Do I have to use a specific lender?

You can use any lender you choose.

How long does the process take from beginning to end?

Once PRG closes on the home, the total process typically takes three to six months depending on the scope of the project.

Who finds the property if I don’t choose a home from your existing inventory?

We have a network of realtors with whom we’ve built relationships with throughout the city who are happy to help us select a home for you. Alternatively, you can choose to work with your own realtor.

When do we actually buy the home?

This will take place once the project is completed and an occupancy permit is issued. Closing on one of our properties is just like closing on any other.


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